Thursday, April 2, 2009

TONDA - fancy pizza replaces EU

As I predicted, EU didn't last more than 1.5 years, despite its breathtaking Tribeca-esque space. Thankfully, the co-owners of BREAD got rid of the strange cow themed decorations, but replaced them with even stranger portraits of chairs with transparent women admist them.
In these belt-tightening times, a fancy pizza place is just what we need- especially when its being cooked in a $30,000 oven that you can feel the heat of when you walk in the door. To get down to business, we first ordered the Margarita pizza for $10. It was pretty damn good, though a bit cheesier than I prefer (i'm the saucy type). Perfectly cooked, the crust was crunchy but not burnt.
Next, recommended by the server, we tried the Roasted Egg, speck asparagus, mozzarella, fresh tomato. Normally, i would never order such a thing, but it turned out to be refreshingly yummy. It didn't taste eggy at all (gracias adios) and the egg whites gave the mozzarella a silky consistency.
This place is well worth the walk to Avenue B.
I dare someone to try the Fresh Tomato, smelt, parsley roasted garlic pizza.

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